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Find new ways to celebrate your evenings with the best party wear

by Ethan More

Evening wear for men is a revolution in the men’s fashion industry with the latest collections moving away from uncomfortable fabrics. Party wear is now designed to feel light, to feel the breeze against your skin, and give you a refreshing feel. Whether you are about to hit the clubs with your friends, or attend a quiet family gathering, your outfit needs to look well put together. Here’s a short guide on styling evening attire for men.

Evening party wear for men that blends comfort with fashion

When it comes to evening party wear for men, there are so many different types to choose from. You can play around with patterns, colours, fabrics, the fit and so much more!

Stripes have been in fashion for men for a long time. These stripes have now come in a new avatar to add a festive and happy feel to them. A serious and earnest mood comes about with black striped shirts in linen. Linen is a staple when it comes to casual wear because of its ‘lived-in’ appearance of wrinkles. With even more character added to these dresses, they flaunt some real party feel and flavour.

Geometric prints are always artistic and flaunt a flavour that is unique to its own special shape and colour. When added to party wear, it can add a touch of artistry to dresses. Besides, these are so versatile that a fashionable young man can wear one of them beneath their formal suits when they go to formal meetings. Even traditional jackets blend so well with them that the same shirt can draw all eyeballs in any traditional party. 

Playing around with colours is another way to look effortlessly cool. White, black and navy blue is usually worn for more formal occasions. Pastels, baby blues and pinks are very soothing to look at while bright colours are great to add a pop of colour to any event.
When it comes to evening attire, it’s best to opt for breathable fabrics, especially in warm climates.
Also bear in mind that you don’t look unkempt. Always dress sharp, take care of your accessories, and overall, just make sure you’re super comfortable, while staying stylish. 

There is now a wide range of men’s fashion apparel to suit a man of any age group or body type that will keep you fashion-conscious. You can find incredible pieces from Wendell Rodricks’ evening wear collections, with numerous designs to choose from. These pieces can be easily customised to fit a plethora of occasions and gatherings exuding a lot of different moods with different accessories.

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