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milan ko chart

by Radhe

This chart shows the number of times we have to think about the idea of using our eyes and our senses to tell our own stories. We have learned to remember when we don’t have to think about the obvious things we can have when we write or read something.

As you can see the number of times we have to think of something or do something different. Because our subconscious is often the reason we are thinking about things, we are constantly reacting around situations we dont want to think about. So when we write a story, especially about what we have to do to keep our mind on the plot, we tend to react more like we have to think about it.

When we’re distracted, or atleast not thinking about the plot, we are reacting to things, looking for the potential to turn into a story. We’re not thinking about the plot, we are looking for the potential. Because we’re not thinking about the plot, we are not thinking how the plot will go.

The first time we wrote the story, we were thinking about the story, and we didn’t want to be so scared. But I wanted to think about the plot, not the story. We’re only a couple of people in our lives and our mind is not clear. So we think we should be in a place where we can be thinking about the plot, but when we think about it, things seem to go wrong.

You may not know this, but you have to make a decision right now.

After we read the main story trailer, we realized that it was actually a story about a young girl missing after an earthquake. The main character, a girl with a broken eye-blade, had been living in a house that was supposed to be safe from being stolen. His father, a man who looked exactly like the original, was in the house and had a vision. The girl was in the house and was told to go home. The girl, who was scared, was scared and ran.

The main character was not scared of the actual earthquake. She was scared of the fact that her parents were in a house that wasn’t safe from being stolen. This fact was the most important in her life. The reason her parents died was because they were at the house, not because of the earthquake. She was scared of the fact that she was going to be kidnapped and taken away from her home in the middle of the night.

The story tells us that the main character, Milan, is a good girl and a good friend of the main character, who is a bad girl. Milan thinks that she is a friend to his parents. They are so scared that they are going to be taken away, that they ask the main character to take them into the world of the bad girl. In fact, the main character has just returned from this world.

The main character’s parents are a part of the bad girl world, and we can see the way that they relate to Milan. We see how they love Milan and how they would do anything to take her back.

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