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Party of – life with a smile on your face

by Ethan More

What can I do to smile more often? Here are some tips from Also information about the most cheerful organization in the world. Meet the Good Humor Party

Smile often!

A friend of mine discovered that you can smile for no reason at all. You just need to make facial muscle movements. It makes a person feel better and his soul starts to smile. Try it. See if you really feel better.

A smile begins not on the face, but in the brain and mind of a person. So smile as often as possible. And when you smile – try to become aware of the reaction of your brain. Is it different when you smile? Are you more comfortable then? Will the brain response make you feel better?

Sometimes it’s enough to start thinking positively. You have to try to forget the unpleasant things that happened to you. Even a fake, fake smile can make you feel better.

Good Humor Party – cheerful organization

There are many funny parties, but only one is cheerful – this is the slogan of the organization whose members want people around the world to smile more often. The Good Humor Party was founded in Poland in 2001, which is over 20 years ago. It quickly began to expand to other countries of the world. Supporters of the organization, whose membership fee is 3 smiles a day, live in many countries. Currently, there are 6,000 of them. Among them there are many people from the world of entertainment and satire, because a smile does not recognize national borders.

Happy Skyscraper

The symbol of the cheerful organization of Good Humor Party, is the Happy Skyscraper. What is that? It’s a small box with a smiling logo glued together after you print the finished model posted on the Internet. It must then be photographed in a specific public place that exists in reality. In front of a famous monument, a castle, a stadium, a plaque with the name of the city, and so on. Pictures posted on the Internet will make at least some people smile. And that’s it!

Sadurski – the fastest caricaturist

The Good Humor Party was invented by a well-known satirist and caricaturist from Poland – Szczepan Sadurski. Every few days he is invited to corporate and private events taking place in Poland and not only. He draws cheerful live portraits and still sees smiling faces around him. In New York, the press wrote that he was one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. It only takes 100 seconds or less to make one caricature!

Sadurski also draws illustrations for newspapers and books, for over 20 years he was the publisher of several newspapers with humor and jokes (Dobry Humor magazine and others). All life makes us laugh. No wonder that it was he who invented the of Good Humor Party and is its president.

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