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Stay on top of the fashion game with Nehru jackets and designer kurta pajamas for men

by Ethan More

Indian fashion has played a huge role in influencing the fashion industry globally. Wearing kurta pajamas with matching dhotis and shoes are one of the most popular fashion traditions in India. Being an essential part of the Indian fashion culture, designer kurta pajamas for men have always been preferred over other styles of clothing.

Since Kurta pajamas are already paired, they help us avoid the hassles of coordinating an outfit. This simple yet eye-catching apparel can easily enhance one’s attire on any occasion.

Moreover, they can also be worn with a Nehru jacket to create an informal and comfy style. Overall, this type of outfit, which comes in a variety of designs, colors, and other appealing features, is one of the most versatile options available for men’s fashion.

What sets designer kurta pajamas apart from other types of formal wear?

Kurta pajamas do not require a lot of work to look stylish. The basic material used for these garments is cotton, and is usually designed to be simple with a plain neckline. The kurta pajamas also go great with a pair of jeans or khakis. The numerous options available in the market help you pick one that matches your personal style.

There are two ways to look elegant when wearing a designer kurta pajama. You can either stick to a smart combination that takes care of both formal and casual requirements, or you can use a jacket or a formal shirt to balance the casual look of the kurta pajama.

At the same time, you can pair them with a Nehru jacket which goes well for parties and other functions where looking smart needs to be complemented with a relaxed approach.

The majority of men find these pajamas to be a comfy choice even while outside the home or office.. Fortunately, this outfit can be easily altered from dressy to casual in a matter of minutes.

Nehru Jacket

Nehru jackets, in earlier times, were customarily bestowed to Indian bureaucrats by Jawaharlal Nehru himself. In modern India, these jackets are usually made from high-quality materials by skilled tailors who fuse different styles and lengths into a single outfit for the wearer.

The Nehru Jacket has become iconic in Indian culture through the work of film actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan who wore them with pride during their performances in Indian cinema since the 1950s. The classic and timeless style of the Nehru jacket is slowly becoming an essential article in any well-dressed Indian’s wardrobe.y.

While many will argue that it no longer fits into the current trends of modern fashion, others believe that it is still an inevitable icon of modern culture. However, the Nehru jackets for men are a perfect example of how versatility has made this piece popular among generation Z.

In addition, one can choose from different available choices to suit his personal taste with fabrics, colors, and design patterns. You can browse through endless options on platforms like Luxe, Ajio, Tata Cliq, Nyka, Aza, Ogaan, and Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop. Its versatility adds to its endless choices of where one can wear it with ease; from casual to elegant dinner parties or semi-formal gatherings.

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