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what are the stages of game development

by Radhe

This is a question that many of us hear time and time again: what are the stages of game development? This is a question that we are often asked by young game developers, and it is one that we want to answer but may have no idea how to do so. We can, however, attempt to categorize the stages of game development, and we can learn a thing or two about the different stages.

The first step is to build the game; the second is to get the right tools, the right level of complexity, and the right balance in the game. The final stage is to make the game that you are trying to fix, and make it that much more interesting, and that much more fun.

The first steps are to create a game, build a level, build a character, and then play the game. Of course, creating a game is not the end, but it is probably the first step. It’s at this point that you have the tools that you will need to create your game. Tools are how you create your level, your characters, your story, and your environment.

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