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10 Things We All Hate About what does your pee smell like when pregnant

by Radhe

I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself. When I’m pregnant, I can’t help but smell my pee, and it comes out like a delicious mix of lavender and mint. I can’t stop smelling it.

I know, I know. Pregnancy makes you smell like a lavender and mint mix, and it’s not a problem. I just wish I could stop smelling my pee.

Im not pregnant, but I have this thing that is really, really bad when im pregnant with my twins. I can feel the baby moving in my groin and it feels like I’m going to rip out my ovaries. It’s really gross.

This is very common for pregnant women, and I think it’s because our bodies become so sensitive around the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy. Our bodies want to stay in the same place and not move. Of course, the only way to change that is to move out of your body, so the only way to do that is to pee.

I have a friend who had this. Apparently, when he was in his 20s he had a terrible case of this. He couldn’t even pee without help, so he went to his OB and had them make him pee with a bag. So you’re sitting there with your pee bag, and you have to pee, and you have to keep your legs crossed, and you have to keep your head upright.

The only way you can pee while pregnant is by using a bag. When you’re pregnant you also can’t move your legs, so you have to squat, or squat in one place and then move. This is why your pee smell is so strange. It doesn’t smell like pee, it smells like you’ve been lying in the pee that you’ve been standing in.

It’s more complicated than that, but it’s the same basic principle. You have to keep your legs crossed in order to pee, but the more you have to keep in your cross-legged position, the more the pee smell gets in your eyes.

You don’t have to keep your legs crossed to pee. This is just how it works. When you’re pregnant, your body is like a giant ball of twine. You can’t move your legs, so you have to go to one extreme and squat, and then move back up to the other extreme and go back to squat. It’s the same principle, except the pee smell doesn’t get as bad once you get pregnant.

I once spent a whole afternoon on a beach with my girlfriend, and the only thing I could smell was the smell of pot. When I told her about my experience, she said “I can smell my pee smell too.” The way she described it was “I can smell my baby smell, just like its kicking.” She was right.

That’s called “cross-dressing” if you’re a man. It’s the same principle as “sitting in a chair with your legs crossed in front of you for hours at a time.” It’s not a good idea to get pregnant while you’re in this position.

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