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when is crush day

by Radhe

When is crush day? I’d have to say sometime right after school is out, right about the same time I go to the store and the sales person is closing up.

Crush day (sometimes called “craze day”) is when I make my crush day, if I’m the only one who’s made it. Everyone else seems to get a crush on me, but I don’t. I don’t even know why I make it, but I do. It’s a big deal. And I do it because I want to and I just want to make sure I get to.

It’s not so much a crush, but a ‘thing’ everyone knows about. A crush is a person you really like who you think is similar to you. In a sense, it’s a ‘friendship’ where you really are friends with someone and you share the same interests and hobbies. So a serious crush is a person you really like who you think is similar to you.

I think that a person’s feelings about a person are not so much based on how they perceive them as it is based on how they perceive how the other person perceives them. A person’s crush can be based on how they perceive a person, or on how they perceive a situation, or on how they perceive an emotion, or on how they perceive a situation and the other person perceiving it through the lens of a certain type of person (i.e.

a person who is crush is a person who is often overly protective of their own feelings. They want to protect their feelings, but not necessarily from others. They want to keep up a facade of self-confidence but not necessarily of confidence.

The theory is that a person who is overly protective of their feelings won’t be comfortable with the fact that they have a crush on someone else because they think it will be too painful. However, they’ll feel that way just the same no matter what. You should always be open to the possibility of being a crush, even if it’s not happening on a regular basis.

When you find yourself in a crush, do your best to avoid the crush by avoiding the time-leap days of the rest of your life.

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